Yoshi Secretii (Full Name: Yoshi Velia Secretii) is one of the fifteen normal Secretiis.

Bio Edit

Her birthday happened to fall on the same day that Yoshi's Story was released. Because the game itself never involved Mario, Yoshi eventually decides to isolate herself after learning how to walk. At least that's what Secretii Lore said. Yoshi actually has a diagnosis of paroxysmal extreme pain disorder (PEPD), which causes her to feel excruciating pain after being touched. Over time, Yoshi developed an ability, "Yoshi Camo", that allowed herself to be invisible to humans. The only way to disable the ability temporarily is to spray her (only orange-colored juices will work, however).


  • Summer
  • Sunshine
  • Yoshi eggs
  • Fletchee
  • Bruce Secretii


  • Two-Minute Red Coin Timer of Infamy

Important Relationships Edit

Fletchee is one of Yoshi's best friends. She treats Fletchee like a human would treat "man's best friend".

Yoshi shares the same first name with a character who is a member of Team Fortune Street. They have a good friendship going.

Bruce Secretii is Yoshi's sister.

Lily Secretii is Yoshi's half-sister.


Trivia Edit

Yoshi is the unlucky Secretii who has the Two-Minute Red Coin Timer of Infamy.

Yoshi once killed Dragonlord after he killed Pachinko. This action is one of many actions that support a theory that states "HSP Members are protective of one another".

If Yoshi had the chance to change her first name, she would change it to "Yoshiko". That way, her name is definitely feminine, unlike "Yoshi" which can be masculine or feminine.

Concept Art Edit

Yoshi Secretii (Concept)
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