I wish I could keep my wedding veil on forever.
Xiomara Xenia Xiong is one of six OCs created in response to the many OC Meme questions talking about marriage.
Xiomara Xenia Xiong Icon

Bio Edit

While she was 7, she met her future husband, Yong Young Yi, for the first time. While she was 11, Xiomara went on her first date, to Yongcheng. Xiomara got married while she was 19, during a free trip. She is a loyal character willing to do anything to protect Yong. Like Scotty Sperry Saavedra, Una Pauline Blaine, and Mrs. Flyeiski, Xiomara kept her wedding veil even after the wedding was over.

Trivia Edit

Out of all the characters that eventually got married, Xiomara is the only one to have gone through several prototype designs before her final design was revealed.

Xiomara is the character who first came up with the "keep the wedding veil on even after the wedding is over" quirk.

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