Whiteccino (Full Name: Whiteccino Spy) was the first OC ever created for "Birdietalk Productions".


An enhanced version of White Spy, this character actually looks like a fusion of White, Cinccino, and Sylveon.


  • hugs
  • Suinnak Secretii
  • Bayley
  • love fruit

Important Relationships Edit

Whiteccino's relationship with Blaxie is rather complicated. Upon first look, they are rivals. However, deep down, they can fuse into a stronger spy, Blaxccino. This fusion is extremely rare to see in the OC World.

Suinnak Secretii is one of Whiteccino's great friends. This friendship came together when they realized they share a relation to the color white.


Whiteccino first came into mind during a Spy vs. Spy cartoon. White Spy was bored of his old looks and wants to change his appearance. Thus, when he finally won after a long losing streak, White transforms into this form. White can trigger this appearance at will.