The wedding refers to an event in the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.

Main InfoEdit

When two characters decide they want to get married, then a wedding event must be drawn from the pool of possible events. The wedding can be real or pretend. Real weddings can be jinxed by Patty later on. Weddings can also be crashed by other characters. If a wedding is crashed in on, the marriage is considered null and the characters that want to get married will have to try again later.

Wedding EventsEdit

  • (Player1) and (Player2) get married.
  • (Player1) and (Player2) have their lovely wedding.
  • (Player1) silently watches (Player2) and (Player3)'s pretend wedding.
  • (Player1) silently watches (Player2) and (Player3)'s actual wedding.
  • (Player1) objects to (Player2) and (Player3)'s wedding. The wedding is off!
  • (Player1) has a pretend wedding with (Player2).
  • (Player1) has an actual wedding with (Player2).
  • (Player1) crashes (Player2) and (Player3)'s pretend wedding.



Custom events must be manipulated to add weddings, as no default event ever mentions a wedding.

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