Vibrant Wind is the main character of Vibrant Wind Adventures.

Bio Edit

The main protagonist of Vibrant Wind Adventures, and is currently a hero undergoing training at the School of Heroics. She is a Neopoltan Mastiff, a type of guard dog. She has the powers of Vibration Magic and Psychic Air Manipulation. At the beginning of the series, she went through some inner conflict. Half of her wants to become a hero, but the other half of her thinks the world just isn't worth it.



  • Strong Immortal

Hunger GamesEdit

Vibrant Wind first appeared in BT Productions's VW and SI series, explained below. She makes her first Kobe appearance when Boshi licks her nose. She is angry about it.

VW and SIEdit

Vibrant Wind is currently in a series where every interaction with Strong Immortal was recorded. All of these interactions occurred in order.

  1. Auditioned for Panem's Got Talent.
  2. Got attacked for a quiche.
  3. Visited Amy's shop.
  4. Objected to Mary and Natural Sam's wedding.
  5. Victimized by a "madden me" sign.
  6. Beat Owens to death.
  7. Broke Daffy free from a trap.
  8. Got killed by Toad Trail.
  9. Slept with Strong Immortal; Dragonlord spared her.
  10. Played Sardines.
  11. Played Sardines again.
  12. Played Truth or Dare.
  13. Won in a hockey match to the death.
  14. Sang a melody of love at Beulah.
  15. Delivered a boring lecture.
  16. Received a Super Smash Bros. invitation.
  17. Kicked Strong Immortal in the groin.
  18. Killed by what Scotty believes is a killer.
  19. Was not revived by a Phoenix Down.
  20. Played rock paper scissors for bags.
  21. Fought for a confetti gun.
  22. Raced to her own shelter.
  23. Played Sardines yet again.
  24. Shared a s'mores party ring.
  25. Played a game that Blue Jay ditched.
  26. Beat Pikachu to death.
  27. Got chased down for a box of vegetables.
  28. Showed a grounded video out of Strong Immortal.
  29. Healed by a Sitrus Berry.
  30. Killed by what Sam believes is a killer.
  31. Spoiled Inside Out.
  32. Gave Strong Immortal a puzzle.
  33. Shared a passionate, heartfelt, kiss.
  34. Hugged Strong Immortal.
  35. Had sex with Strong Immortal (to Strong Immortal, it felt like rape).

Battle Royale Meme!Edit

Vibrant Wind competed in the Battle Royale as Entrant 9, and thus faced off against Chopper in the first round. After getting beaten up, Chopper gives up and allows Vibrant Wind to win, on the condition that she stops the attack. However, Vibrant Wind would get defeated by Life Reform (note her reaction as she faces Life Reform's attack).

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