Sylveon is one of eight authority figures to Eevee.

Roles Edit

Sylveon can take on one of several roles, depending on the series.

Eevee Gets Grounded Edit

As the last authority figure to speak to Eevee, Sylveon typically sends Eevee over to a room, after Glaceon grounds Eevee.

BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator Edit

Sylveon is one of the earliest competitors to come to the simulator realm of BrantSteele. Nine times out of ten, you would see Sylveon in District 1 along with Pikachu.

Looney Games BloopersEdit

During an episode, Sylveon provided some special effects for Scotty's love confession to Dragonlord.

Murder Games SimulatorEdit

Sylveon is a member of Team Kalos and has the seductive/peaceful perk combo. She is armed with a magic wand so it can simulate Fairy attacks. Based on the perk combo and weapon, Sylveon can stir up drama within the naive and rich teammates and can transform opponents into sheep, but she cannot score any kills.

Mega EvolutionEdit

Sylveon becomes Mega Sylveon through the Sylveonite. Its ribbons multiply in great numbers. They have become stronger in strength as to allow Mega Sylveon to fly without the need of wings. As such, it changes typings to be dual typed (Fairy/Flying). It gains an ability called Fairy Beauty (this ability combines the effects of Cute Charm and Pixilate).

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Trivia Edit

Sylveon actually has a whole folder dedicated to her on Birdietalk Productions's DeviantArt account.

As of late, no new Sylveon-related images have been posted on Birdietalk Productions.

Sylveon's info can mainly be found in another wiki: w:c:pokemon:Sylveon

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