Suha Secretii is a member of the Human Sunshine Project.
Suha Secretii

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Bio Edit

Suha became the first Secretii to be created from one of BT Productions's dreams. In the dream, there was a forgotten secret level in Noki Bay that never made it to the final Super Mario Sunshine game. Suha would represent that level. It took place earlier than "The Shell's Secret" and was accessed by talking to a Noki while holding a Yoshi Egg. The Noki then sails the player to the secret level. The player started at the porch at the top of a set of stairs, with the actual course at the bottom. The main objective is not to make it to the end, but to keep the Yoshi Egg intact. If the egg broke or hatched before the end, the player had to start over. There was also a winged enemy that resembled a Koopa Paratroopa at the end. The background of the level bears resemblance to a sky. Suha is jealous of Shelli Secretii because her (Shelli's) secret level was in the final game while hers (Suha's) wasn't.


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