The snuggle refers to an event in the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.

Who Was In the First Recorded Snuggle? Edit

The first ever recorded snuggle involved a shipping that later became known as FlaringZoom Shipping. The characters involved are Warner Brock Sheldon and Fletchinder, the characters involved in the shipping.

Events That Are SnugglesEdit

  • (Player1) convinces (Player2) to snuggle with (him/her1).
  • (Player1) and (Player2) sleep while snuggling each other.
  • (Player1) takes a picture of (Player2) snuggling (Player3).
  • (Player1) goes to sleep, failing to realize (Player2) has snuggled on (him/her1).
  • (Player1) kisses (Player2) while snuggling (him/her2).

How is a Snuggle Different From a Cuddle?Edit

Snuggles only involve two characters, but cuddles can involve more characters than that. There is also an event about snuggling where Chester will take notes. Chester will not take notes on cuddles.


Trivia Edit

Snuggles tend to be avoided nowadays due to being cliche.

Chester will take notes if the event is scripted as (Player1) convinces (Player2) to snuggle with (him/her1).

Whiteccino is the assistant who records snuggles. He will record all snugglings, even if there is one that Chester will take notes on.

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