Shelli Secretii is one of the fifteen normal Secretiis.


Shelli was born as the result of a sperm and egg donation to a lab gone wrong. Instead of being conceived inside a pregnant woman, she was conceived inside a container located somewhere in the lab. The lab experiences also caused Shelli to grow to a very tall height. This was initially diagnosed as ordinary gigantism, before it was changed to Sotos syndrome. To explain the bizarreness of her backstory, she created a complex secret level inside of Noki Bay. She became the first Secretii to create a secret level. Shelli is a reserved character, preferring two places: Noki Bay and The Shell's Secret. She also has severe neophobia, as whenever something happens to her, she complains about having to add that event to her complex history. She has intentions of modifying her secret level to match her new history, but has never gone through with it. This is likely because modifying her secret level counts as a change, and thus there's more complaining from Shelli. Basically, Shelli's personality amounts to the reserved person whose complaints can never be satisfied.


  • Shells
  • Water


  • Summer
  • Change

Trivia Edit

Shelli has the most bizarre backstory out of everyone in the Human Sunshine Project.

According to "Welcome to BrantSteele, ZOMG", Shelli was the first victim that Zeke O. Mikey Gargan killed.

Shelli is the tallest Secretii.


Concept Art Edit

Shelli Secretii (Concept)
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