Shannon Hawk is Roy G. Balloon's love interest.


The unrequited love interest of Roy G. Balloon and the oldest of four siblings (including himself). Shannon is said to be an only child for nine years before his three younger siblings arrived. His first meeting with Roy caused him to realize his love for rainbows (and thus tried to spend time with her every free second she got). Shannon's crush may remain as just a crush as Roy is almost always busy trying to attack monkey cities (due to being a bloon).


When he learned about Dragonlord's status as "The Prince of Darkness", he decided to give him a beating/spanking (probably due to Dragonlord doing this on Easter). He also demanded him to divorce from Birdietalk Productions so he could marry a more reasonable authority figure.

After Shannon beat down Dragonlord, Sam Jay was inspired to take action against Dragonlord as well. The beat ups have been downplayed however, and they are only initiated when absolutely necessary.

Apparently when Shannon saw Dean Ambrose feeling jealous of Fletchling's popularity, he chanted for them (and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) to fight.


Trivia Edit

This character was inspired by someone whose favorite color is rainbow.

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