Seth Rollins is a WWE superstar and a character in the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.

Bio Edit

The king of Circle, Rollins is so boastful of his status to the point he calls himself a "kingslayer". Rollins's many Circle wins has angered Roman Reigns, who believes that Rollins drove his "one versus all" gimmick down into the grave. Studies have shown that Rollins is tied for third most frequent winner with Sam Jay. The Guilded Chris Award specially designed for Rollins has accessories that play the School Has Gone Rollins chorus once tampered with. To make himself similar to Dean Ambrose, Rollins married Jodi Rollins. Like with Monica Ambrose, many characters like to believe that the only thing Rollins and Jodi have in common is the last name. In Birdietalk Productions, Rollins is a ninja in addition to being a wrestler.


  • BrantSteele
  • Ninjas
  • Jodi Rollins
  • Ruby Riott

Looney Games BloopersEdit

Rollins appeared in several episodes of Looney Games Bloopers.

Royal Rumble RavageEdit

Rollins did very well when it comes to placements. Notable highlights include him trying to get married to Ruby Riott and managing to play a game without anyone getting offended (which is hard to do nowadays). He got killed by a random lightning bolt.

Ball of Light Hot PotatoEdit

Rollins was the first person to successfully kill Dragonlord and claim the Ball of Light, but he was forced to surrender it two hours later because Warner Brock Sheldon hired him to do it.



Rollins made his debut in BrantSteele before Reigns and Ambrose did. (Specifically, the order of debut goes Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose.) The ironic part about Rollins being the king of Circle is that he initially started out with the worst Circle win time.

Rollins's snuggle style is different than Reigns and Ambrose's approaches. (Reigns and Ambrose just hug the receiver. Rollins also pats the receiver's head.)

Rollins's birthday is confirmed to be on May 28.

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