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Radar Overseer Scotty (Real Name: Scotty Raven Jay) is a member of Code LTIB.

Bio Edit

He accepted his job as the new shield guy of Code LTIB thinking the job would go by normally. He was wrong when he first met Microsoft Sam (especially after he yelled at him for the first time). Sam has found countless ways to make Scotty's life trash, first by violence and now by love. Sam even forced Scotty to get married to him! Thankfully for Sam, Scotty believes that babies make everything better, so all Scotty had to do to accept Sam as his lover is suffer through "Mister Seahorse Syndrome". Scotty nowadays is thinking his life is finally going in a positive direction. Looney Games Bloopers would beg to differ, and in the LGB verse, Scotty is in two marriages at the same time. It was also in LGB that Scotty convinced Sam to snuggle with him, but the actions Sam did after accepting the request caused Scotty to go through a traumatic experience. After many months of torture at the hands of Sam, Scotty finally got his payback by forcing Sam to marry him. It appears they are meant to be after all.



  • Being fired from his job
  • Sam Jay (used to, now he is in his likes)
  • Beulah Volkenburger

Code LTIB Duties Edit

In a typical episode of Code LTIB, you would find Scotty directing the logo that needs to be done right. If the episode is Hunger Games simulator themed, then you would see Scotty attempting to win.


Scotty has some gender weirdness going on with his body. The upper part of his body is that of a male (and thus be shirtless without triggering the mature content filter), but the lower part is that of a female. The female parts in Scotty also meant he had a womb (and thus was able to get pregnant). The male parts interfere with the production of the gametes, meaning he can produce eggs somewhat more quickly. Sam and Scotty had so many children together because of how Scotty's body was structured.

Life with Sam Jay Edit

If you told Scotty in his first days with Sam that he would be living a happy life with him, he would've committed suicide. But after going through "Mister Seahorse Syndrome", he would no longer be thinking about taking his own life. Nowadays, he feels comfortable telling Sam that he actually loves him back. Every night, you can find Scotty sleeping on Sam's chest.

Past Life with Sam Edit

Sam was the first person Scotty ever saw once the latter got introduced to LTIB. Soon enough, Sam started to treat Scotty like he treated Guy. Desperate for a bodyguard, Scotty got into a relationship with Beulah and eventually proposed to her and got married. The Code LTIB transition toned down Scotty's relationship with Beulah in exchange for toning up Sam's torture levels. Scotty's love for Beulah still shows, as seen in LTIB Characters in the Hospital and When Suddenly, LTIB is in Danger.

Road Trip TimeEdit

Before the road trip, a bit of foreshadowing revealed that Sam and Scotty once huddled for warmth. The beginning of the trip goes as expected, with Scotty fearing that Sam will throw a tantrum. Scotty wishes that Sam should drive instead of him. At the first stop, Sam does not want to bunk with Scotty at first, but later agrees when he suddenly remembers that he has to convince Scotty to let him drive. That night, Sam had a nightmare and snuggles Scotty to seduce him (and calm himself down at the same time). Scotty accepts this, remembering what Cymeron said about being okay for the night. At the canyon, Sam is still trying to convince Scotty to give up his driver's seat to him. Sam eventually uses "Hellish Rage" to calm down a fight, with Scotty reluctantly clapping. At the casino, Sam's boasting about his lottery winnings annoyed Scotty to the point he changed his mind about wanting Sam to drive. However, he still had to give up the seat when Cymeron saw what his "Hellish Rage" can do and allowed him to drive. Sam reacts to this by having sex with Scotty to express his joy. This continues until Blaxie gets them inside the vehicle. Later, it starts to rain, leaving Sam and Scotty soaked. Word of BT Productions says that they kissed in the rain. It was then revealed at the end that Sam and Scotty did indeed start a relationship.

Total Blooper IslandEdit

During Total Blooper Island, Sam supported for Scotty to win. In the ending where Hank Karl wins, Scotty saw who supported him and threw a violent tantrum that made him unable to finish Part 1. Scotty's ending had him win due to numbers advantage when it comes to the number of supporters. When Sam saw this, he attacked Scotty with tons of kisses, ending with a final passionate kiss on the lips.

Trying to Avoid Marriage to SamEdit

The original plan for Sam and Scotty's marriage proposal was to have Sam cue a WUME (Will U Marry mE) shield, but the focus shift changed the plan. The proposal instead happened when Scotty accidentally dropped Sam's diamond ring, and when he attempts to give it back to him, the pose looks like Scotty is proposing marriage to him. Sam accepts both requests. Scotty doesn't know that Sam accepted his request to marry him until his first attempt to forcefully marry him. Luckily for Scotty, somebody crashed the wedding at the last moment. Since then, Scotty attempted all he could to avoid marriage, but that ultimately failed by Sam's sixth attempt.

Married LifeEdit

With Scotty now married to Sam, he realizes that he got trapped in a binding relationship. He wishes for divorce, but Sam prevents those wishes from coming true by threatening actions so horrible that the marriage will end if they were successful. Scotty was forced to lie to save his marriage. After a while, Scotty then finds himself trying to deal with drama involving the baby trap, Sam having apparently heard that babies make everything better according to Scotty. Beulah finds out about Scotty's new spouse, and attempts to assassinate Sam so she could have Scotty to herself once again. When Sam gets caught by Beulah's allies, Scotty brings out a secret weapon to protect him, his first baby. He takes advantage of the mood of the moment to finally confess his love for Sam.

Current Life with SamEdit

Nowadays, Scotty is enjoying his new life. He does everything Sam wants him to do as long as Sam still loved him. Every night, Scotty will be sleeping on Sam's chest. He has gotten so used to Sam that he HATES it whenever someone decides to bring up his past life with Beulah.

Other Relationships Edit

Beulah Volkenburger used to be with Scotty, and is now his ex-wife. During the first days of the LTIB Experiment, Scotty divorced from Beulah in exchange for Sam's levels of torture being toned up. Beulah attempted assassination on Sam after he confirmed that he would be with Scotty, but that failed when Scotty suffered from "Mister Seahorse Syndrome". Now that Beulah has accepted that Scotty will be with Sam, she instead decides to pursue Scotty's brother.

George Raven is Scotty's brother.

Ever since the days of Looney Games Bloopers, Scotty is in a love fiasco with Dragonlord. Eventually, it escalated to marriage, and Scotty had to confess his love before Patty jinxed it.

Murder Games SimulatorEdit

Scotty's past runs rampant here, as his quirks depict him as suicidal and naive. He is armed with a shotgun, but is more likely to use it to end his life via shotgun suicide.

Images Edit

Davemadson EditsEdit

Beulah and Scotty's poses in Davemadson videos often get edited in favor of Sam and Scotty. Sam and Scotty also substitute for Dave and Rhonda because the latter couple will never make it to BT Productions. The gallery below depicts such edits.


Scotty used to be called "Scotty Raven Volkenburger", before he decides to divorce from Beulah.

Scotty's divorce from Beulah reveals that if a character divorces in the world of Birdietalk Productions, he/she/it will take the maiden name down with him/her/it. However, the name remains for those who become widows/widowers.

Code LTIB formed on January 20, 2016, making Scotty 20 years old.

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