Scarlett (Full name: Scarlett Wilkins) is a character from Total Drama.

Scarlett's artwork.


The wicked evil genius, almost rivaling Massacre's persona. Unlike Massacre who is not afraid to reveal she is evil, Scarlett tries to hide her evil nature as long as possible. Her nice persona is not afraid to show high levels of smartness and would explain intensely. Her evil persona wants to take over BT Productions at the threat of killing others. Scarlett is considered by others to be an anti-hero. Luckily for the others, Cameron is there to keep Scarlett in check and prevent her negative behaviors from spilling out.

BrantSteele PersonaEdit

Scarlett eventually goes insane with every kill she does, fully snapping at 10 kills. Tantrums and being super pissed over being called a sidekick will let loose her evil side instantly. As of 2018, certain negative events will cause her mood to go down, potentially causing an episode. When the round restarts, Scarlett is back to normal.

Murder Games SimulatorEdit

Scarlett is a member of Team Pahkitew. She is an unstable inventor. In the Murder Games, a "Scarlett Fever Episode" is triggered when Scarlett goes into a frenzy.

Scarlett Fever EpisodesEdit

When Scarlett does snap and let loose, it is referred to as a "Scarlett Fever Episode". This is intended to be a reference to the Pahkitew Island episode. Certain triggers will cause an episode, such as:

  • Certain negative events
  • Kills
  • Being called a sidekick
  • Frenzy in Murder Games

The sidekick event and going into a frenzy cause the episode to happen instantly, while the other two take a combination of 10 events total to cause an episode. During episodes, Scarlett acts more violent than usual, complete with the evil laugh.

Important RelationshipsEdit

  • Cameron is Scarlett's best friend turned husband. He is there to keep Scarlett's negative self in check.

From February 25 to March 16, Scarlett was the only person who knows of Dragonlord and Turbo Secretii getting secretly married. Then while she was involved in a romantic moment with Cameron, Scarlett suddenly found herself no longer the solo witness. Dragonlord and Turbo had reenacted their marriage ceremony and made it public. Bugs Bunny, Lily Secretii, and Zira Brown had all witnessed this ceremony. Scarlett doesn't know of this group yet.


Trivia Edit

So far, no Scarlett victories have been confirmed.

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