Microsoft Sam (Real Name: Sam Jay) is a member of Code LTIB.

Bio Edit

Sam used to be a massive control freak, before he got to learn the true meaning of love by getting married to Scotty Raven Jay. It also helped that Sam was the first BrantSteele Champion. Sam actually got Scotty to marry him by force. It took several attempts, but Sam eventually was successful in marrying him. He still has his methods of self-defense such as the atomic bombs also used by other YouTubers, but will only ever use them when absolutely necessary. Inside his chest is a flame sac that allows him to use pyrokinesis. Eventually, the LTIB Sam realized that his behaviors are causing Davemadson to lose subscribers, making the BT Productions Sam truly reformed. He will only ever get angry in self-defense. Sam's violent LTIB behaviors eventually led to scientists naming a disease after him (tic controllosa, Control Freak Syndrome, or Microsoft Sam's Disease).

Code LTIB Duties Edit

During a typical episode of Code LTIB, you would find Sam directing the logo. If the episode is Hunger Games simulator themed, you would see Sam trying to win the current round.

RipRed HGSS Series Edit

Sam's debut was in RipRed HGSS 3. He still has not won an episode to this day.

Survivor Revisited: The AftermathEdit

Sam can first be seen being thankful that Turbo Secretii woke up in reality after going through her first ever "Dragonlord Vision". It was also revealed Sam's efforts in Survivor Simulation 8 were all for nothing. To make things worse, his BrantSteele Champion picture flew away so that Dragonlord's picture could take over.

Looney Games BloopersEdit

Since LGB is a parody of Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers, Sam acts as a director of sorts, using phrases like "places everyone" and "roll camera". He was responsible for inspiring the "shared events" berserk button to be shared with everyone else. Once, he left LGB because he was killed by his husband. After coming back, Sam has tried to control Scotty's relationship with Dragonlord, with varying degrees of success.

Murder Games SimulatorEdit

Sam is supposed to be the leader of the Code LTIB team, but he also has an "unstable" perk to represent his wild temper. He can go frenzied at any moment so he can go on a killing spree, but that also makes him vulnerable to heart attacks that kill him. He is armed with a handgun, as opposed to Scotty's shotgun.

Superpowers Edit

Sam has Fire Aura, if the temperatures in his flame sac are high enough. The fire is normally good enough, but he can choose to concentrate the fire into various attacks. Possible attacks include Fire Bomb Generation and Fire Blast.

Sam's atomic bombs are an example of him using Nuclear Explosion Inducement.

Sam's flame sac renders him immune to fire.

Sam boasts the most powerful kisses out of everyone in Code LTIB. If left unchecked, these kisses can send the receiver into a love trauma. Just ask Scotty.


Sam's exclusive Z-Crystal is the Sammium-Z. It turns Tantrum Time into the Z-Move "Atomic Tantrum", which deals damage and can leave the target with a burn.

Life with Scotty Raven Jay Edit

The majority of the time in a typical day for Sam is being with Scotty. All of the kisses Sam had with Scotty were passionate and long-lasting. Before going to sleep every night, he would give Scotty a kiss to remind him that he still loved him. Every night during the period of sleep, Scotty was seen sleeping on Sam's chest.

Past Life with Scotty Edit

Before Sam had a psycho love relationship with Scotty, he was bitter enemies with him, trying to torture him with anything he can get his hands on. Back then, he was targeted by different love interests, Microsoft Anna and Mr. Warner. A road trip changed everything. After that, Sam tried to marry Scotty by force several times, but failed every time. It was only after a Survivor round when Sam successfully got married to Scotty. After getting married to Scotty, Sam still was not happy that Scotty is not accepting him as a lover, so he tried multiple times to get him pregnant. Only after a baby was born was when Scotty finally accepted Sam.

Road Trip Time Edit

During the road trip, Sam and Scotty have sex after Cymeron gave up Scotty's position as driver to Sam. Sam then confirms that his one true love is Scotty, not Mr. Warner. Anna understands Sam's situation and decides to break up with him on good terms.

Trying to Marry Scotty Edit

Sam tried a total of six times to marry Scotty by force. He failed to marry Scotty by force five times, mostly due to someone else crashing or interrupting the wedding at the last moment. Sam was trying to do a secret pair experiment in Big Brother when he was called over to try and marry Scotty for the sixth time (as a prize for doing something crowned as a moment of awesome during a Survivor round). The lovely wedding was successful that time.

Before the First BabyEdit

After successfully marrying Scotty, Sam expected Scotty to accept him and get to the married life. However, Scotty wasn't willing to accept Sam at all (Sometimes, Scotty was secretly wishing for a divorce.). To counter these threats, Sam threatens actions so horrible that the marriage will be over if they were successful. Scotty was forced to lie to save his marriage. At some point in the marriage, Sam found out that Scotty believes in babies making everything better, so he tries to get Scotty to fall for the baby trap. At that point, Beulah (Scotty's ex-wife) finds out about the impending consequences, so she attempts to assassinate Sam in an attempt to stop Scotty from having the baby. This ultimately fails (see below heading).

First BabyEdit

When Dragonlord finally catches up to Sam, he orders Dunstan to send in Guy on a count of three. Dunstan does as ordered, but Sam stops Guy, saying that he has to get past Scotty first (who appears to be holding something in his hands). Dunstan stops the attack, seeing that the thing Scotty has is a baby girl. Dunstan calls for celebration, also believing in babies making everything better. At that point, Scotty was finally confident enough to confess his feelings for Sam, cementing their status as an official couple.

Current Life with ScottyEdit

A majority of Sam's life nowadays is spent being together with Scotty. Ever since giving birth to his first baby, Scotty is completely willing to do Sam's every demand as long as he still loves him. The one who says "I love you" part first now is random, though Sam still does it most of the time. If Scotty gave the "I love you" part first, Sam would give a passionate kiss to him before saying the "I love you too" part. Every night, Sam would give Scotty a kiss as a reminder that he still loved him. While Sam is sleeping, Scotty can also be seen (sleeping on Sam's chest).

Other Relationships Edit

Anna Zappinski used to pursue Sam as a love interest. However, upon seeing Sam with Scotty, she accepted the fact that Sam picked out his one true love and left him alone. Sam and Anna still have a good time together as friends, though.

Beulah Volkenburger, along with ten other characters, tried to assassinate Sam all because she saw he was going to be with Scotty. That failed when Scotty suffered from "Mister Seahorse Syndrome". It has been said that Beulah suffered through the stages of grief once she saw Scotty with Sam. Beulah eventually accepts the fact that Scotty is with Sam. However, during The LGB Return, Beulah said that Sam "just made the list" for breaking the fourth wall, meaning that Beulah and Sam still get into arguments.

Mike Macaw is best buddies with Sam. Sam does not mind that Mike is with Mary Canary. Sam and Mike occasionally have arguments, but they get resolved before they go too far.

Warner Brock Sheldon is one of Sam's more bitter enemies. Sam only ever wanted Warner to display "W-B" and only that. Sam gets angered whenever Warner zoomed like he did in Lumber Jack-Rabbit.

Mr. Warner previously targeted Sam as a love interest. This relationship first occurred when a hospital visit by 14 of Code LTIB's members (WB Shield, Guy, Anna, Mr. Warner, Scotty, Sam, Mike, Harvey Zilth, Mary, Beulah, Devil, She-Devil, God, and Angela) goes horribly wrong, with Sam pregnant with Microsoft Whammy. Mr. Warner was the father. Sam still likes Mr. Warner, but it is a rare occurence that Sam shows this on the outside.

Cymeron started being one of Sam's enemies after the events of Road Trip Time. She keeps insisting that Sam should be with Mr. Warner, not Scotty. It used to be friendly, but once Sam confirmed his love for Scotty, things went downhill.

Sam got into a fierce rivalry with Dragonlord after the latter became BrantSteele Champion. Sam thinks that the honors of being champion should only belong to him, an example of him slipping into his older habits. During the events of "A Challenge Simulator", Sam got into a duel with Dragonlord to see who had ultimate rights to the BrantSteele Champion's Crown, with Sam ultimately winning and getting Dragonlord eliminated. Dragonlord did get revenge during Challenge Plan C, when he won the simulation along with Mary Canary. When Sam saw Dragonlord taking over the BrantSteele realm again, he suffered through the five stages of grief, but refuses to go through the stage of acceptance no matter what.

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Davemadson EditsEdit

Sam and Anna's poses in Davemadson videos often get edited in favor of Sam and Scotty. This can arguably apply to Sam x Abby and Sam x Zira as well. Sam and Scotty also substitute for Dave and Rhonda because the latter couple will never make it to BT Productions. The gallery below depicts such edits.

Video Edit

LT Bloopers 146 The 146 Mishaps

LT Bloopers 146 The 146 Mishaps

This was predicted to happen if LTIB's Sam cannot keep his control freak tendencies in check. Luckily, by LT Bloopers 140, Dave prevented that from happening.

Trivia Edit

Rumors say that Sam fell in love with Scotty because Sam found out that George was the one initially going to be with Beulah, before Scotty entered the scene. He did this so that George will not feel any heartbreaks. The rumor itself is a reference to how Dave handled LTIB's pairings in the past, where he shipped Guy x Beulah.

Adding on to the rumors was that Sam was left in an ambiguous situation after LTIB's Anna disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Sam was paired up with Scotty so that Sam will never find himself in said situation.

Sam is the first ever BrantSteele Champion.

Sam is a giant compared to everyone else of Code LTIB, measuring at 7'07" compared to Ben Wilburn Warner's 5'09" and everyone else below that.

Sam got abducted by aliens on October 31, 2018.

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