Evil Microsoft Sam (Real Name: Sam E. Jay) is Sam Jay's evil clone.


Sam's genetically identical clone. Like Sam, Evil Sam displays control freakish behaviors and is defensive over the Jay signature laugh line. Unlike Sam however, Evil Sam never made a heel-face turn and continues to be a jerk. He can be described by other characters as "Mr. Swears-a-Lot". Zira E. Brown is Evil Sam's love interest.


  • Swears
  • Being in control
  • Jay signature laugh line
  • Zira E. Brown
  • Mike E. Macaw


  • Sam Jay
  • Scotty Raven Jay

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Trivia Edit

Evil Sam did appear in another YouTube video before arriving in Birdietalk Productions. Then davemadson added his own concept of Evil Sam (A hairless devillish recolor of the original Sam).

After Sam became BrantSteele Champion, Evil Sam took over a job that involves him personifying the control freakish behaviors of Sam's original side.

Evil Sam once insulted Rowlet by calling him a "round owl".

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