Rainbow Bloon (Real name: Roy G. Balloon) is a member of the Bloons Alliance.


A human/bloon based off of a rainbow. Roy's attacks are fast, mean, and pretty. Shannon Hawk currently has a crush on Roy, but she doesn't return those feelings (mostly due to being busy as a bloon).

Role in Big Brother Goes Over the TopEdit

Roy competed in BrantSteele for the first time by going on BrantSteele's newest simulator. She does very well. At the final four, Roy lost a challenge to Vanishing Bugs Bunny, causing her to be evicted. After the eviction, Roy found out firsthand why Sam Jay was the first BrantSteele Champion, when his dominating gameplay got him first place.


Roy's first kiss was with Princessa, but it was unknown to her at the time that Princessa was Dragonlord's ex-wife.

Once Roy did meet Dragonlord, she received a kiss from him as revenge for kissing his ex-wife. Roy seemed to take this as a sign for an alliance and continued to meet up with him. That was until she seemingly betrayed him in favor of Anna Zappinski. Dragonlord was mad at Roy for this, and retaliates by breaking Princessa's No-Marriage rule during "Sweet Sixteen Smurtnat".

Roy gave away her headgear to Tottie Babs during "Rainbow Tottie". She did get it back during "Scotty's Shelter Fever".


Trivia Edit

The real name is a parody of the acronym "Roy G. Biv".

Roy's first kill in the Hunger Games simulator was when she hired a hitman to kill Mario. Her first death was caused by Barry Weiss, who strangled her with a rope.

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