Rowlet is a character in Dartrix Gets Grounded.

Role in Dartrix Gets GroundedEdit

Similarly to Dark Bowser Gets Grounded, Rowlet is taking the role of Bowser Junior where he is the younger good sibling. Decidueye is shown to be concerned for Rowlet's health, as the script of the incident where Dartrix created a thundersnowstorm reveals.

Alola School ComedyEdit

Rowlet appeared in a comedy movie as "The Genius". This role was inspired by a description saying "and the genius Rowlet". Rowlet's role should not be confused with Decidueye's role as "The Geek/Nerd".


Trivia Edit

Decidueye did ground Rowlet once.

Rowlet's name led to the creation of Rowley.

Rowlet has been fused with several other characters.

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