Rosanna Barelli is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Rosanna Brelli is an innocent magical girl with wide yellow eyes and very short, straight, thick, black hair worn in a carefully-crafted style. She has a voluptuous figure. She has insect powers that are activated instinctively. Her costume is mostly green and yellow, and it looks like a fusion of a policewoman's uniform and a jumpsuit. Rosanna is a person who gets rather easily excited about things. She actually feels hopeless inside, but doesn't deliberately try to hide these feelings. She thinks that everyone gets how hopeless she actually feels, and thus, doesn't bring it up. And she tends to miss a lot of the signs that people actually DON'T get how hopeless she feels, and that they think that she's an absolute positive person. She tries to be nice towards everyone, even her enemies. Though unlike people like Stavros Hodges, she does feel actual hate for the enemies, she just doesn't show it, because she thinks that then everyone will see her as evil, while in all actuality, they wouldn't. She's also usually the LAST person to receive any sort of news, so she has no context. Because of this, she tends to misunderstand, and assume things, which can land her in trouble, depending on the person.

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