The RipRed HGSS Series is a series of simulations made in RipRed's Hunger Games simulator. It is a parody of the series made by a DeviantArt user called Crazyboycory22. The rules differ a bit, however. Because RipRed is faster, a player needs five wins to be taken out of the list of random characters. The "Ultimate Killer" is crowned once seven players are taken out this way.

List of EpisodesEdit

  1. RipRed HGSS 1
  2. RipRed HGSS 2
  3. RipRed HGSS 3
  4. RipRed HGSS 4
  5. RipRed HGSS 5
  6. RipRed HGSS 6
  7. RipRed HGSS 7
  8. RipRed HGSS 8
  9. RipRed HGSS 9
  10. RipRed HGSS 10
  11. RipRed HGSS 11
  12. RipRed HGSS 12
  13. RipRed HGSS 13
  14. RipRed HGSS 14
  15. RipRed HGSS 15
  16. RipRed HGSS 16
  17. RipRed HGSS 17
  18. RipRed HGSS 18
  19. RipRed HGSS 19
  20. RipRed HGSS 20
  21. RipRed HGSS 21
  22. RipRed HGSS 22
  23. RipRed HGSS 23
  24. RipRed HGSS 24
  25. RipRed HGSS 25 (Or, the Quarter Quell)
  26. RipRed HGSS 26
  27. RipRed HGSS 27
  28. RipRed HGSS 28
  29. RipRed HGSS 29
  30. RipRed HGSS 30
  31. RipRed HGSS 31
  32. RipRed HGSS 32
  33. RipRed HGSS 33
  34. RipRed HGSS 34
  35. RipRed Christmas Special
  36. RipRed HGSS 36
  37. RipRed HGSS 37 (Or, the Quarter Quell Redux)
  38. RipRed HGSS 38
  39. RipRed HGSS 39
  40. RipRed HGSS 40
  41. RipRed HGSS 41
  42. RipRed HGSS 42
  43. RipRed HGSS 43


These are items that could be used in a RipRed HGSS episode.

  • Tribute Swapper Card: Once used, it swaps a tribute out for another tribute, decided by the RNG.
  • Passes: These are rewards from certain prizes. As long as one is not expired, it excuses the holder from being chosen by the RNG for a certain amount of episodes.


These are not exactly items, but can still come into play.

  • Tribute Recall: Before an episode starts, a coin flip occurs. If said coin flip results in heads, this results. The tribute assigned to a random number gets kicked out, and another tribute decided by the RNG takes his/her place.
  • Muttation Attacks: In RipRed, one possible way to die is by a muttation attack. If that happens, then the tribute or tributes who died because of muttation attacks will get injured and must take the next episode off to recover.

Prizes and PunishmentsEdit

At the end of an episode, prizes and punishments are given out. Some prizes and punishments can be exclusive to BrantSteele or RipRed.


  • Second Place (Got second place, excused from next three episodes)
  • Third Place (Got third place, excused from next two episodes)
  • Fourth Place (Got fourth place, excused from next episode)
  • First Kill (Scored the first kill, automatic pass to next episode and immunity from Tribute Recall)
  • Seven Kills (Scored exactly seven kills, excused from next episode)
  • Beedrill Award (Used a Beedrill to kill someone, win a week's supply of honey)
  • The Pit of 100 Trials Award (Survived the Pit of 100 Trials or killed someone using the Pit of 100 Trials, excused from next two episodes)
  • Huge Fight Survival Award (Survived a huge fight, excused from next three episodes)
  • Z-Move Award (Used a Z-Move, win a free tour around Alola)
  • That STUPID Character! (Got first place because someone who could've killed you chose not to do it, automatic pass to next episode)
  • God Slayer (Killed Arceus, excused from next three episodes)
  • Chris McLean Pass (Killed Chris McLean, excused from next two episodes)
  • Torracat Victory Prevention Pass (Killed Torracat, excused from next episode)
  • Couple's Share (A popular shipping makes it to the final two; both parties are excused from next three episodes and replaces the Second Place prize)
  • Shelter Run (Participated in Shelter Runs Mark II through any method, win a free house)


  • Unlucky 13 Punishment (Got thirteenth place in BrantSteele or got the thirteenth position in the randomized cast for a RipRed simulation, forced to compete in next episode)
  • Muttation Injury (Killed by a muttation attack, cannot compete in next episode)
  • Torracat Humiliation (Killed by Torracat, cannot compete in next episode)
  • Chris McLean Torture (Killed by Chris McLean or his assistants, cannot compete in next episode)
  • Time Freeze (Killed Dialga, cannot compete for three episodes)
  • Duck Hunt (Killed Duck, cannot compete for two episodes)
  • Poison Mushroom (Killed Mario, cannot compete in next episode)
  • Pokemon Injury (Killed by a wild Pokemon, cannot compete in next episode)
  • Pokemon Attack (Pokemon suddenly appears and uses attack on a character, cannot compete in next episode)
  • Pokemon Trash-Talk (Got killed by a Pokemon because of talking shit about their games, cannot compete in next episode)
  • Tottie Babs Cameo (Failed to survive a Super Mario Sunshine secret level, cannot compete in next episode)
  • Last Place (Got last place, forced to compete in next episode)
  • You STUPID Character! (Could've killed who eventually became the winner, but didn't, cannot compete in next episode)

The WinnersEdit

Winners of Ripred HGSS

The list of winners.

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