This article is referring to the Secretii. If you are looking for the Cole, click here: Red Cole

Red Secretii (Real Name: Red Cole Senior) is one of the five Super Secretiis.


Mrs. Cole cheated on her relationship so that she couldn't be associated with the Cole Triplets later in life. Red Sr. was born in Micronesia. A surprise DNA mutation caused Red to flee to Delfino Plaza and develop her Red Coin Field secret level. Unfortunately, few people know that this secret level actually exists. As a result, Red adapted Yoshi's personality and isolated herself from society.


  • Birds
  • Grass
  • Flowers
  • Coins


Trivia Edit

Red has the most confirmed relatives (the parents, three half-sisters, two half-brothers) out of everyone in the Human Sunshine Project.

This character, along with Red Cole, are the only two characters of the Human Sunshine Project to have a shared first name.

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