Not to be confused with Red Secretii.

Red Cole is one of The Cole Triplets.

Bio Edit

Red is known as the middle child of the Cole Triplets. He feels a faint case of "Middle Child Syndrome" (Blaine is famous while Cyan is female), but has nothing else wrong with her mindset. Red goes to therapy to avoid being snarky or quirky. Secretii Lore says that the therapy sessions inspired Red to invent his Red Coin Timer, and the reason that he gave Yoshi Secretii the longest Red Coin Timer is that he hated her. Thus, logic follows that Red loved the Secretiis that got assigned the shortest possible timers. The relationship statuses with the Super Secretiis are unknown since they never get assigned a timer. However, it is implied that Red is acquaintances with the Super Secretiis whose secret levels have the objective of "Collect the eight red coins.", referring to all Super Secretiis except Slide Secretii and Turbo Secretii (whose objectives are to simply get to the end).

Trivia Edit

Red Cole shares the same first name with another member of the Human Sunshine Project (Red Secretii).

Red Cole is the character who invented the Red Coin Timer.

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