Quinney is an OC created by the creator of this wiki.


Nicer twin to Kinny, often mocked for her heterosexuality. Quinney also sports gray markings in contrast to Kinny's blizzard blue markings. Even though Quinney tries to have a good time, she is being constantly ridiculed by Kinny. Characters have compared Quinney to Samey, which isn't helping matters. When life is drama-free, Quinney likes to throw parties where Kinny is not allowed. In the future, one of Quinney's parties will allow her to get a sweetheart, but the relationship is not like a Beulah x Scotty situation where Quinney wants a sweetheart to defend herself from Kinny. Quinney only wanted a sweetheart after finding out about the love triangle Kinny got herself into.


  • parties
  • blueberries


Quinney was planned for BT Productions from the start (as early as Super Party Meme), with a prototype named Quinn. The prototype design kept the same general concept as the Quinney design seen today, with the three head feathers, red belly, and the overall shape staying consistent. Key differences exist. Quinn does not have the cheek markings Quinney has. There was also no chest tuft on Quinn. Quinn kept the same shade of green all throughout the design, while Quinney has three shades of green. By the time Adventures in Kalos was posted, the name was changed from Quinn to Quinney. Kinny was also revealed, and in Truth or Dare, her appearance was shown. Quinney adopted her current design from Killer in the House Meme onwards. The name Quinn did not go to waste, as it was later reassigned to genderbent Quinney.



According to an OC Fusion meme, Quinney is 15 years old (which would also make Kinny 15 years old).

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