Principal Eric is a character that appears in Grounded and Ungrounded scripts.

Bio Edit

The principal of the school depicted in Weatherstar4000video's GoAnimate videos. In his first appearance during a Fortune Exposed the Truth script, he was going to go after Frost Bro as Sonic the Hedgehog told him, but Fortune Secretii appears and exposes that it was really Ninja Bro who shoved Princess Peach inside of a school locker. Amy Rose heard everything and told Sonic she was not friends with him anymore. Ninja Bro laughs, only for Eric to tell him he got himself into more trouble than before. He appears again in Dartrix Gets Grounded. Here, Echoing Chivalrous Superego sent Dartrix to Eric's office since the bird stole the security officer's job and threatened to break up Sam Jay and Scotty Raven Jay after he caught them kissing on CCTV. Eric is mad that Dartrix stole the security officer's job and suspended him for 43 weeks, enough time to level him up to Level 25.

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