Primarina is the police officer in the various Grounded and Ungrounded scripts.
730Primarina SM anime

Role in Grounded VideosEdit

Primarina acts as the police in grounded videos.

First Appearance Edit

Primarina first appeared during "Toad Pushes Dragonlord Off the Rooftop/Grounded". During that script, Primarina came to take Toad away when the other S-Rankers called.

Mega EvolutionEdit

Primarina becomes Mega Primarina through the Primarite. The hair grows some more, to the tip of the tail. It is also restyled to be mostly untied. The eyelashes become more attractive. Extra frills grow on the arms, while extra pink spikes grow along the fish tail. Through the new ability Siren's Spell, Mega Primarina's voice becomes more beautiful to the point that others who hear this voice fall in love. Mega Primarina's voice is also powerful enough to summon megatsunamis.



Primarina has fused with other characters. Here's the list.

  • Sylvarina (with Sylveon)
  • Cinccarina (with Cinccino)
  • Primadueye (with Decidueye)
  • Primatrix (with Dartrix)
  • Rowlarina (with Rowlet)
  • Sarina (with Sam Jay)
  • Decincinerina (with Decidueye and Incineroar)
  • Pikamarina (with Pikachu)
  • Zirina (with Zira Brown)
  • Primazel (with Hazel Blue)

Trivia Edit

Primarina's role is a pun on police sirens and Primarina having the traits of sirens.

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