Paula Limbo is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Paula Limbo is a noble magical girl with narrow white eyes and neck-length, wavy, silky, orange hair worn in a uncomplicated style. She has an amazonian build. She has poison powers that are focused through a wand. Her artistic, complicated outfit is mostly gray and blue. Paula is an intrigued girl who is one of the few people in the Randomverse, that actually knows the true nature of Limbo, and The Calming Clone Limbo Overlord of Nature Undead Time Embodiment Creation Cleaning. In fact, she actually COMES from limbo, explaining why her last name is "Limbo". As such, she is one of the more intelligent of the magic girls of this group. She is also somewhat suspicious of things, though her intrigue is MUCH more powerful, and thus, overtakes the suspicion by a landslide, leaving it as only a unconscious thing. Paula Limbo usually has knowledge of magical items and artifacts, and what they do, as well as other planes of existence (including the one Bymrasil comes from), supernatural entities, and magical powers, and all of that stuff. She likes to express herself a lot, spending quite a bit of time painting, and drawing. She is noble in both ways. She is noble, personality-wise, always wanting to do whats right, always tries to be a decent human being, and presents noble ideals. But, she is also noble, politic-wise, belonging to a hereditary class with high social and political status, meaning she is quite aristocratic. As such, she is well-known politically and socially.

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