If you call me old one more time... I will send you to the Pachinko Machine...

– Pachinko Secretii to Turbo Secretii, Turbo For Hire 5: McDonald's

Pachinko Secretii (Full Name: Pachinko Akedogemuski Secretii) is one of the five Super Secretiis.


Pachinko is the creator of the secret level Pachinko Game. However, it has also been called "Pachinko Machine" or "Pachinko Pain". The latter nickname stems from Pachinko's diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Despite being a sister to the easier-going Fortune Secretii, Pachinko does not tend to feel as happy as her easily. In fact, her first instinct after being called old is to threaten to send the offender to her secret level. Pachinko's secret level is infamous for being tough to beat, along with Chuck and Lily. Pachinko tends to be personified as short-tempered. She tends to send Pachinko Machine threats if she gets angry. The Randomverse demonstrates that Pachinko can do much worse, as she once got married and ended up killing her spouse in the end. Pachinko's attack also took the life of an innocent woman as she was caught in the crossfire.


  • Fortune Secretii
  • Turbo Secretii
  • Dragonlord (used to)
  • Pikachu
  • Wario
  • Luigi
  • Alistar Mortella-Akedogemuski
  • nostalgia
  • parties
  • arcades
  • pachinko
  • the color purple
  • waffle fries


  • Mario
  • being called old
  • being humiliated

Important RelationshipsEdit

During Survivor Revisited: The Aftermath, Turbo Secretii was afraid to come near Pachinko because out of all the Super Secretiis, Pachinko never made it to the jury, while the other four did. Luckily, they made up and learn the true meaning of friendship.

Pachinko once allied with Dragonlord. That ended when Pachinko notified him by phone that the deals are off.

Pachinko is notable for being one of the few Secretiis that outright hate Mario.

In the Randomverse, Pachinko was married to Alistar Mortella-Akedogemuski, but she ended up killing her while at a party. The attack also killed Charlene Harrison in the crossfire. This was explained as the reason why Jenovah Secretii made the "no Secretii romances" allowed rule, as she did not want a repeat of Alistar x Pachinko. Hillary and Dirt have to keep their romance a secret because of Pachinko's actions to Alistar, and the DX Secretiis (minus Corona Secretii) aren't faring much better. Thankfully, the Alistar x Pachinko situation is Randomverse exclusive.

Survivor Revisited: The AftermathEdit

Before Dragonlord got involved as the villainous antagonist of the story, Pachinko was a misunderstood villain. Out of all the Super Secretiis, Pachinko was the only one who never made the jury during Survivor Revisited. Even after Turbo apologized to Pachinko during Act 1, Pachinko still decided to ally with Dragonlord and become villainous for real. It wasn't until Act 6 for Pachinko to make her heel-face turn.

Murder Games SimulatorEdit

Pachinko is a character in Murder Games. She is a member of Team Secretii and is the sociopath of the team. As a result, she can choose to team up with Dirt (devious) or Cryo (sociopath/seductive) to commit an act of betrayal. She can later team up with Ambrosia or Glitch (both lunatics) if their bad brains turn them into horrible people.

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Trivia Edit

At 64 years old, Pachinko is the oldest out of everyone in the Human Sunshine Project.

Pachinko came up with a theory that states "HSP Hair Starts to Whiten at Age 60". Time will tell if this is true, however.

According to "Word of God", Pachinko's full name is Pachinko Akedogemuski Secretii. Word of God also stated that Pachinko was born in Japan, before moving to Delfino Plaza.

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