Noah is a player in the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.


The know-it-all from the Total Drama series. He is unusual in that he is never given a love interest until the Ridonculous Race. Said love interest is named Emma.


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Ball of Light Hot PotatoEdit

Noah is the first challenger to fight Dragonlord, after Jessica's previous attempt failed due to an obvious day end. He has interacted with Dragonlord three previous times before the final battle. In the end, Dragonlord sent Noah flying, making him unable to win a chance at defending the Ball of Light. After Noah was sent flying, it was unknown where he landed, causing a concerned Emma and Kitty to go searching for him. Starly, Valentina, and Anamaria replaced the missing people until further notice. When Sami Zayn sent Pikachu flying, Pikachu landed next to Noah. Noah is happy that he is found and returns to the game. Starly leaves after thinking he is surrounded by idiots.


Trivia Edit

Nowadays, Noah is only used for HGS highlights.

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