Miles is a Total Drama character.
Miles Static

Bio Edit

Miles is a nature-loving vegan who is of pure intentions and puts "Earth first". She is a serene person, but any perceived injustice against nature will send her into an emotional tizzy. Miles and her friend Laurie have traveled extensively and learned a deep respect for different cultures as well as their local flora and fauna. She believes that peace and knowledge is the most important thing. While Miles can be somewhat aloof and pretentious at times, her tree-hugging heart is in the right place.

Random Drama Journeys Edit

Miles participated in Random Drama Journeys along with the other contestants. While she managed to resist Necro-obsession during Round 1, she had to start over in Round 2 because she got the "Child of Mew" event and thus could be on the verge of being called a Mary Sue. During Round 2, the Necro-obsession takes full possession of Miles as she obtains a Necrozma Egg. Worse, Laurie wasn't there to help Miles.

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