Meloetta is a character that appeared in the RipRed HGSS Series.


The subheadings below detail Meloetta's adventure in BT Productions.

Ambrose vs. MarioEdit

Meloetta poisons Mario's drink, but the plan backfires.

A Thundered MelodyEdit

Pikachu uses Thunder to severely injure Meloetta and leave the poor thing to die.

I Killed Meloetta!Edit

Meloetta kills Jerry Mouse during the Bloodbath, only to be killed by BT Productions during the night.

Snuggle Brother (Mario x Meloetta)Edit

Mario is jealous that Luigi has gotten away with falling in love with Talonflame. So he decides to snuggle Meloetta twice in one simulation round. At this point, Meloetta was added to the BT Love Dodecahedron. No mention was ever made about Meloetta's failed attempt to poison Mario.

31 DeathsEdit

The description of the deviation confirms that Meloetta was still alive.

Forcing Reigns to KillEdit

BT Productions forces Roman Reigns to kill Jessie or Meloetta. The final result is left unknown.

Scorbunny's DebutEdit

Scorbunny gets second place while competing against Meloetta, Palkia, and Turtwig.


Meloetta did win an episode, RipRed HGSS 59. Further victories have yet to be confirmed.

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