Microsoft Mary (Real Name: Mary "Melody" Canary) is a member of Code LTIB.


She used to be known as "Mary Melody", before she knew about the bird Microsoft tradition followed by Sam, Mike, and Anna. Instead of going for alliteration like she did before, Mary's new name goes for rhyme. True to her older name, Mary loves music and singing (Especially "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Merrily We Roll Along"!) to the point she manipulates music for her own benefits. Other characters like to claim that Mary is Sam Jay's sister, but that is not true. She is currently in a relationship with Mike Macaw. Some time after Evil Mary got her necklace color changed to blue, Mary changed her shirt color to orange. BT Productions confirmed this was done so she can mock the rainbow music gimmick going on with the three versions of Mary.


  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Music
  • Mike Macaw
  • Sam Jay
  • Dragonlord


Mike Macaw is Mary's boyfriend. They haven't gotten to the point of marriage yet.

Mary is on good terms with Sam Jay, having already accepted Sam's choice to marry Scotty Raven Jay.

For unknown reasons, whenever Dragonlord does his victory pose, Mary likes to suddenly sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb", annoying those around her. It doesn't help that Mary was responsible for one of Dragonlord's failed runs. Challenge Plan C comes, and they become co-winners. They have treated each other with respect since.


Trivia Edit

Mary is the first member of Code LTIB to win a Challenge simulation. She is also the first character who is not a member of Team Fortune Street to do so.

Despite loving to sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb", Mary apparently doesn't like the song "Mary Mary Quite Contrary".

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