It's a me, Mario!

Mario is a member of Team Fortune Street.

Bio Edit

Mario's info can mainly be found in another wiki.


  • Red
  • Luigi
  • Princess Peach
  • Yoshi

Random SurvivorEdit

Mario competed on Random Survivor. He was initially drafted to be on Fang Tribe. He wins the Opening Challenge idol, thus no one could vote for him at Fang's first Tribal Council. The first tribe swap sends Mario to Kota Tribe, where he remains until merge. There, Mario becomes a serious reward threat until Pikachu finds the idol and uses it to eliminate Mario. Angry that his plans were ruined, Mario returns for the Cameron vs. Pikachu season, only to be defeated by an idol again (courtesy of Anna Zappinski).

Mega EvolutionEdit

Mario becomes Mega Mario through the Marite. Mega Mario loses his hat and two pieces of his shirt in exchange for spots that release fire. There are a total of ten spots that can release fire (four on his head, two spots replace his mustache, two spots on the skin exposed after losing two pieces of his shirt, and two spots on the pieces that clip his overalls to his shirt). His gloves turn gray as a response to these releases of flame. Certain power-ups can change the element used by Mega Mario.

Power-Up ListEdit

  • Ice Flower causes the spots to emit ice.
  • Propeller Mushroom causes the spots to emit gusts of wind.
  • Fire Flower changes the normal fire to blue fire.
  • Bee Mushroom causes the spots to ooze honey.
  • Boomerang Flower causes the spots to shoot extra boomerangs.
  • Cloud Flower causes the spots to emit puffs of smoke.
  • Poison Mushroom causes the spots to ooze poison.

Important Relationships Edit

Mario has a mainly friendly rivalry with Dragonlord, over who gets to show off his victory pose more. This rivalry stems from Itadaki Street, and continues into Fortune Street and the BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator.

Like before, Mario has a rivalry with Bowser. Several instances were recorded that involved Mario killing Bowser and vice versa.

Luigi is Mario's brother. They are very loyal to each other, and are willing to do everything.

Other RelationshipsEdit

Mario wants to kill Fortune after she caused Amy Rose to become Sonic the Hedgehog's ex-girlfriend. He does succeed in killing Fortune, but he had to kill Sean Corbett 21 hours later because he assisted Mario in Fortune's second on-screen death.

Trivia Edit

Mario once got in a mix-up over who is the Yoshi he trusts.

Despite being in a rivalry with Bowser, Bowser won a RipRed HGSS episode before Mario did.

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