Marie O'Donnell is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Marie is Bonnie Faulk's lesbian girlfriend. Her sentences are rarely started with "um." She is skilled in climbing, map-making, and horseback riding. However, she is also impatient, judgmental, and mentally unstable. It doesn't help that Marie is generally romantic while Bonnie is never romantic (except for rare affectionate moments). Because of this difference in the romance stat, Bonnie has "She is Not My Girlfriend" reactions when asked about Marie, and nobody thinks the pairing will work. She has a fear of trees that is linked to erythropoietic protoporphyria. Hermina O'Donnell's disapproval of Marie's obsession with art resulted in her becoming secretive with interests. What has been solved so far is that she likes limes and comedy, as shown by the lime and the book of jokes that were randomly generated by an object generator. Marie's secret is stated to be her EPP, but she also has a super secret. Margie O'Donnell from The Amazing Race is actually Marie's estranged mother. Cyneric T. Pufferfluff fell in love with Marie after seeing the copper sash in her outfit.

Likes Edit

  • limes
  • comedy
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