Mac Douglas (Full Name: Mac "Math" Douglas) is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Mac Douglas is one of Eudora Trick's friends. He is a high school student who loves math, as evidenced by his interests and skills. He would generally have an altruistic personality, and is fairly shy and has fairly unstable emotions. He is socially awkward, paranoid, and bigoted. His motive is to eliminate corruption. He is prone to rearranging things when stressed. His secret is that he has strange powers, and thus is likely to be attending the School of Heroics. His family includes three sisters, one brother, four aunts, two uncles, and a cousin. BT Productions instantly fell in love with him when he was created, mainly because both people love math. As such, BT Productions drew up a beta design of him soon after he was created (about 1 hour from when the journal entry was posted). Fairiez considered using BT Productions's design as inspiration for Mac Douglas's real design. About three to four hours later, Mac Douglas's real design is revealed, and sure enough, it took inspiration from BT Produtions's beta design. Mac Douglas's powers have never been solved, but BT Productions put out a few theories. In one scenario, he was reading Heartmind's mind. In another, he was speculated to be making a basket of bread float.


  • Eudora Trick
  • frogs
  • mathematics
  • wizards
  • calculators



Mac Douglas is the first "Eudora Trick friend" to have a confirmed design.

A random person suggested that Mac Douglas be nicknamed "Math". BT Productions heeded this suggestion and gave him the full name Mac "Math" Douglas.

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