The Steamy Imp-poe of Teleportation (Real name: MacHoops Poe) is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Hoopoe OC

Generic reference.

Bio Edit

A trans woman hoopoe with the superpowers of Imp Physiology, Steam Mimicry, and Event Teleporation. A close friend's disapproval of MacHoops's fascination with theology resulted in her becoming secretive with interests. After finding out about the friend's disapproval, MacHoops decided to try out a new secret interest that she hopes nobody would ever find out about: hunting! The gun used by MacHoops was so powerful that it temporarily knocked her unconscious. After waking up, MacHoops found out that the gun was a special one that gave her superpowers. Despite being a hero, MacHoops has an annoying habit of sashaying away from scenes of action.

Trivia Edit

MacHoops and Determined Mask of Perspective were created using the same OC Creator.

MacHoops was partially inspired by MacKenzie Hollister, a character from Dork Diaries who also likes to sashay.

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