Lyubov Noyer is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Lyubov Noyer is an extremely friendly auctioneer that treats even the meanest characters with kindness. In fact, Leanne Lakisha Wilcox's friends also happen to be Lyubov's roomates. If Lyubov doesn't get her caffeine every day, her personality undergoes a complete 180. She turns from a benevolent friend into a super mean bully. This potential personality change is the reason Lyubov does not want any more roommates in her motorhome. That does not stop her from exploring new benefits in her personality, including a party girl side. Rumors say that Lyubov is the host of the party that resulted in her meeting Kari Gay and Nobusawa Tashiaki. Eventually, this party led to Lyubov's first romance as she began a relationship with Vesh January. The romance has seemed to tame the bad effects that are caused by Lyubov not getting her caffeine every day. But she still has angry outbursts if she does not get caffeine. This has led to Sam Jay wanting to conduct studies on Lyubov to see if she has contracted tic controllosa. It would be devastating if anyone learned that she cannot cook. Her addiction to caffeine did not come from coffee. It came from Mountain Dew. She has a fear of the color yellow.

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