Luria Spinner is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Luria Spinner

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Bio Edit

Luria is a female mermaid, very tall and quite thin. She is determined to find Aquastan Secretii, all to prove that a second mermaid in BT Productions exists. Extremely patient, she will stop at nothing to find her. She even runs off upon hearing about a reported sighting of Aquastan! If anybody tries to stop her, she uses her Siren Song to distract and stop them in their tracks. Despite this power, she is not explicitely a Siren herself, and is only a mermaid. She might be a mermaid, but she is also a supermodel of incredible beauty. Most of the time, she does not have to use her song, as she lets her appearance do the hard work. She is so beautiful that she can make any male, female, and animal stop dead in his/her/its tracks, whether through appearance or song. Despite not having to sing, she loves singing and likes to perform in public (even if nobody is intending danger). The determination is even present in her love of pies, and will switch her mission from Aquastan to pies without any warning. She loves the Orchard Tart, but hates angelica.


  • singing


  • angelica


Despite being a part of the Food Lover series and thus not have any friends, BT Productions decided to give Luria friends as part of an experiment. The friends' names are Vienna Austen, Alistar Mortella-Akedogemuski, Katias Kanami, Larry Havelock, and Ricardo Maldonado.

BT Productions took inspiration from Primarina for Luria's hair.

Luria won't get a chance to meet Aquastan until the end of The 2018 Halloween Special.

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