Luisa Secretii is a DX Secretii and a member of the Human Sunshine Project.

Bio Edit

Luisa's most common nickname is "The Secretii Paradox". Luigi is afraid of ghosts and Drogo Secretii has the ability to turn invisible like a ghost, yet their conflicting personalities came together to allow Drogo to give birth to Luisa. In Super Mario Sunshine DX, Luisa kidnapped Luigi and held him captive in a mysterious mansion's secret level, hence the episode name "Luigi and the Secret of the Mysterious Mansion". She may not care about what happens to Luigi, but she will be concerned over the health conditions of the other DX Secretiis.



Secretiis Kill MarioEdit

After Lotus failed to kill Mario, Luisa steals Lotus's spot by shooting Mario with her Secretii Magic multiple times until he died. Luisa became the fourth DX Secretii to kill Mario during the experiment.


One doodle had Luisa be worried when she saw Aero's papercuts (said papercuts came from Aero petting Kartana and saying it was worth it).

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