Characters in BT Productions often hide a "deepest, darkest secret". This page lists those secrets. It should not be confused with a list of secret levels.

The List Edit

Character Secret
Alphonse Nielsen Alphonse is afraid of babies.
Andrea Kwon Few know that Andrea is a fan of a polarizing young singer.
Anil Mercury Bartos Anil wears pink "kitty panties".
Aurora Howe Aurora is actually from another planet.
Beatrice Cooney Few know that Beatrice is a fan of a polarizing young singer.
Beulah Volkenburger Beulah swears she has moved on from Scotty after he married Sam and had the love-sealing child. But it turns out she is still obsessed with him.
Brandon LeStrange Brandon is receiving cryptic messages from Fraiddrai.
Bonnie Faulk Bonnie is the child of Polly Faulk, a giant parrot.
Cameron Sterility, which later turned out to be false.
Carl Henry Carl has a crush on Hooey Willowby, a funny owl.
Chris Secretii It turns out that Chris is like Chuck in more ways than one, including a diagnosis of Androgen insensitivity syndrome.
Chuck Secretii Chuck's rapid aging caused her to have a nonexistant childhood. She is afraid to speak about her rapid aging story because it threatens to reveal that she had Shwachman-Diamond syndrome prior to the procedure.
Corine Erms Steffen Corine is into vore.
Cruz Montenegro Cruz is in love with a cute queen.
Dana Hudson Dana has a criminal record.
Dashiell Shirley Dashiell loves a children's television series.
Desmond Cullen Desmond has been stealing money.
Dexter Adrian Benton Dexter acts way older than his actual age (he thinks he is in his fifties or sixties when he is actually 13 years old).
Dinah Hayward Dinah is crushing on Hooey Willowby despite the fact she hates romance.
Drogo Secretii Drogo used to want her name to be spelled "Droco".
Dunstan Secretii Dunstan's nickname of "Weakest Secretii" turns out to be linked to a diagnosis of pentasomy X.
Edward LeFleur Edward has a rare illness.
Eudora Trick Eudora's older brother is married to an ethereal being.
Fatma Sherazi Fatmas has an illegitimate child, which is ironically named Fatso Sherazi.
Fletchy He nearly destroyed the OC World after Fletchee slipped the Yveltite into his possession.
Florian Riddle Florian is having an affair with Matterslurper Dandridge, a spooky zombie.
Fortune Secretii Fortune's major redesign also gave her a diagnosis of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP).
Hans Foster The inappropriate behavior that got Hans arrested resulted in him having an illegitimate child.
Ivy Ghostley Ivy's next-door neighbor has a depressed ghost haunting the bathroom.
Jasper Connell Jasper cannot drive.
Jenny Secretii Jenny gave birth to too many children trying to have the perfect one, causing her womb to be nonexistant.
Joan Rudder Madison Rudder (who is Joan's daughter) is illegitimate.
Justin Cummings Few know that Justin is a fan of a polarizing young singer.
Kari Gay Few know that Kari is a fan of a polarizing young singer.
Kevin Straume Kevin has an addiction.
Kristopher Herman Dickson The only reason Kristopher took a chance with Dexter is because he wouldn't hurt a child.
Lance Dalton Few know that Lance is a fan of a polarizing young singer.
Latisha Locklear Latisha has strange powers.
Leanne Lakisha Wilcox Leanne is crushing on Dexter, hence why she is concerned for his safety.
Lee Straume Lee hates failure.
Leonard Lamonte Leonard is actually a monster.
Lindsay Shearer Lindsay is responsible for the death of his cousin.
Lotus Secretii Genetics during conception went horribly wrong, giving Lotus a diagnosis of cerebro tendoneous xanthomatosis (CTX).
Lyubov Noyer Lyubov cannot cook.
Mac Douglas "Math" has strange powers.
Malcolm Diaz Malcolm cannot drive.
Michael Diaz Michael cannot drive.
Nega Bruce Unlike Bruce whose Secretii Magic is a part of the act, Nega Bruce's Secretii Magic is known as her deepest, darkest secret.
Nobusawa Tashiaki Few know that Nobusawa is the child of a geeky plumber.
Olufunmilola Barnet During the 41 years spent in the alternate timeline, Olufunmilola romanced and married Ekundayo Kopenkoskey. Thus, nobody is aware that Olufunmilola is already married.
Opal Duvall Opal murdered a minor villain.
Pearl Webster Pearl is afraid of failure.
Quentin Richards Quentin cannot cook.
Ray Adler Ray is so obsessed with his chickens that he has the power to transform into one himself.
Richie Hotchner Patrick Hotchner (who is Richie's son) is illegitimate.
Sam Strykeraux Sam has an addiction.
Scarpher When Scarpher ventures into the Allearth Forest, it gets ruined by Yves, the Yveltal that she owns.
Scotty Raven Jay Scotty's complex genetics details that he has the upper body of a male and the lower body of a female, explaining how he was able to get pregnant with Sam's children.
Shelli Secretii Laboratory experiences caused Shelli to grow to be the tallest member of the Human Sunshine Project. Initially diagnosed as gigantism; changed to Sotos syndrome.
Stuart Dillon Stuart has a criminal record.
Sylvester Mercer Sylvester cannot drive.
Taylor Hernandez Few know that Taylor is a fan of a polarizing young singer.
Tottie Babs Tottie's mood will become happy if she watches fail videos. Other people have said Tottie will only be happy during two events, when the correct number is three.
Turbo Secretii Turbo is married to Dragonlord despite her personality stating that she hates the darkness.
Vesh January Vesh has an illegitimate child named Vince January.
Whiteccino He dated Blaxie one time despite being rivals.
Yoshi Secretii Yoshi's reason for running away from home is not because of birthday coincidences. Her real reason is that she has paroxysmal extreme pain disorder.
Zira Brown Zira touched Octavia Mercer on a "problematic area" during the Pride Month Challenge (even though BT Productions pleaded she was protecting David x Zira).
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