All of the love triangles in Birdietalk Productions are here. The type of love triangle would refer to the thirteen possible types of love triangles from TV Tropes ([1]).

The List Edit

The subheadings list the thirteen types of love triangles. Each love triangle type has a description followed by examples.

Type 1Edit

A wants B and C, but cannot decide which.


  • Peach has to choose between Bowser and Mario at the end of Super Mario Odyssey.

Type 2Edit

A wants B, B wants C, and C wants A.

Type 3Edit

B and C want A.


  • Ann and Bymrasil want Ooki.
  • Bowser and Mario want Peach.

Type 4Edit

A wants B, who is already in a relationship with C.


  • Sam wants Scotty, who was already married to Beulah.
  • Caladbolg falls madly in love with Dirt, who is already married to Hillary.
  • Caladbolg sees Dirt and Guy have extreme sex and resolves to have Dirt to himself.
  • Caladbolg and Monica marry. But Dirt objects to the wedding anyways.
  • Cameron and Scarlett were set to get married, when Max interferes with Scarlett's love life.
  • Alphonso wants Illuminada, who is in a love-hate romance with Natasha.
  • Vulcanna tries to make moves on Dave, who is taken by Rhonda.
  • Similar case goes to the She-Devil, except Dave was taken by Abby at the time.
  • Bonita likes Lauren, but can't grasp the fact that he's already with Karen.

Type 5Edit

A loves B, but B loves C. C doesn't have feelings with either.


  • Rowley falls in love with Abby. Abby falls in love with Wally.

Type 6Edit

A wants both B and C, who are already in a relationship.

Type 7Edit

A is in a relationship with B, but is also in a relationship with C. B and C don't know of each other or suspect the other connection.


  • Beulah was with Scotty when George Raven got revived from death. Guy wants to relive his days with Beulah.
  • Sam was with Anna when he got pregnant with Whammy. Since then, Sam was shipped with Mr. Warner.
  • Dragonlord x Princessa was official. But it becomes clear Dragonlord spends more time with BT Productions.
  • Fletchling tries to romance Rollins. But Rollins is already taken by Jodi.
  • A square version occurs when Vesh decides to have relationships with Lyubov, Kari, and Vesh. Lyubov, Kari, and Vesh chose to remain friends.
  • Illuminada is with Melba, but Illuminada also has a love-hate romance with Natasha.
  • During Looney Games Bloopers, Scotty was married to both Dragonlord and Sam.
  • By deciding to control Sam's tic controllosa for a while, Abby was having an affair since she was with Wally.

Type 8Edit

A, B, and C are all in relationships with one another.

Type 9Edit

B and C are attracted to each other, but are also attracted to A.

Type 10Edit

A and B are in a relationship, but B is attracted to C.


  • Anna and Sam were together, but Sam is madly in love with Scotty.
  • Illuminada has a love-hate romance with Natasha, but Illuminada is also attracted to Idella.

Type 11Edit

A is in a relationship with both B and C, but B becomes attracted to C.


  • BT Productions is married to Dragonlord and Reigns. But Reigns causes problems for Dragonlord.
  • Ray has relationships going on with Fatma and Olufunmilola. As Ray began an affair, Fatma becomes attracted to Olufunmilola.

Type 12Edit

A and C are in a relationship, but A likes B and B likes C.


  • Kari and Vesh are together, but Kari crushes on Nobusawa while Nobusawa crushes on Vesh.
  • Melba and Illuminada are together, but Melba likes Alphonso and Alphonso likes Illuminada.
  • Idella and Alphonso are together, but Idella likes Melba and Melba likes Alphonso.

Type 13Edit

A must choose between B and C, but B is also attracted to C.

Trivia Edit

Not all thirteen possible types of love triangles have been used yet.

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