This page lists all of the events that can happen in BT Productions. One-time events and recurring events are both listed here.

The List Edit

Event Name Description Image
Age of Ambrose Dean Ambrose gets his hands on a major championship and causes chaos. He strikes the remaining characters with mind control darts and forces them to worship him.
Baby Boom Numerous babies are born in one night.
Celebrate A party is held for any reason, the most common being an event milestone.
Character Madness 256 characters participate in an elimination-style tournament to see who is the best character in BT Productions (not really).
Code LTIB Splurge Once Ben Wilburn Warner won his very first RipRed HGSS episode, the members of Code LTIB started to rack up wins at an alarming rate.
Cuddle Three characters or more cuddle with each other.
Ambrose's 5-Way Cuddle
Era of Rollins Seth Rollins gets his hands on a major championship and causes chaos. He first summons a downpour to flood the area, then freezes it over with a blizzard and turns it into a frozen wasteland. He screams "Burn it down!" and sets the area on fire, melting the ice. The process then repeats until Rollins loses his title.
Era of Rollins
FCC Scare The FCC tried to repeal net neutrality, threatening DeviantArt.
Fortune Exposed the Truth Fortune Secretii exposes the truth about repetitive GoAnimate scripts and forces them to proceed in a different direction.
Halloween Twist Characters dress up as each other on Halloween.
Kiss Two characters' lips touch one another. This is usually the signal of a new relationship.
Anna x Natural Sam
Mistletoe Tradition states that if two characters meet under the mistletoe, they ought to kiss.
Mistletoe Kiss (Glaceon x Sylveon)
Phobia Factor The characters of BT Productions face their worst fears.
PokeCelebration Eevee, Pidgey, and Pikachu held their own mini party.
Pikachu's PokeCelebration
QuadEvent Four characters perform the same event.
Random Drama Journeys The contestants from the Total Drama series went on a random Pokemon journey to see who got the luckiest.
Ravage of Reigns Roman Reigns gets his hands on a major championship and causes chaos. He summons a massive thunderstorm to kill everyone else.
Secretiis Kill Mario The Secretiis split up so they could each kill Mario solo.
Snuggle Two characters snuggle with each other.
Rollins Snuggles Fletchling
Starly Wrestler Evolution A Starly Wrestler evolves into a Staravia and leaves the nest. This happens when a Starly Wrestler decides to retire.
Seabrom the Staravia
TriShared Event Three characters perform the same event.
Trolley Problem Three people were tied to one track, while one person was tied to another. A train is heading for the three people. A fifth person can choose to pull level and kill one person instead of three.
Wedding Two characters try to get married.
The Pretend Wedding
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