In a world where death is cheap and anyone could come back at any time, there were some cases in which the death was final for a period of time. Here's the list of such deaths.

The ListEdit

Killed Character Cause of Death Resurrection From Death
George Raven During LTIB 70, Guy boasted that he was not afraid of the Devil and She-Devil. He gets zapped by lazer eye powers, and all that remained are his feet. During the Code LTIB timeskip, Guy was revived, and Guy the White was reworked into a button system.
Scotty Raven Jay Scotty steals Tapu Koko's job as the teacher. He then gets into a severe argument with Sam Jay, which ended in Sam killing him with his chainsaw. Tapu Koko convinces Xerneas to revive Scotty.
Scotty As an April Fools prank, Sam decides to drink a hate potion to fool Code LTIB into thinking his bloodlust for Scotty has returned. He proceeds to nail Scotty to the BBC 1993 logo before killing both of them with full-force atomic bombs. Scotty later wakes up in Satan's Kingdom, where George E. Raven enters his brain and mind controls him. Scotty returns to the real world with vengeance on his mind. However, after a long battle, Sam defeats Evil Guy, and Scotty is freed.
Turbo Secretii Dragonlord threw his first LGB tantrum during "Six by Six Challenge". Said tantrum was a super violent one that caused a fierce thunderstorm to ravage the BrantSteele Hunger Games arena. Turbo's fear of Dragonlord kicked into maximum overdrive as she gets blasted by many lightning bolts and intense darkness. By the time Dr. Mario found Turbo's unconscious and bloodied body, it was too late to save her life. When Turbo made a reappearance during "Sky Warrior Memorial" as a spirit, she gets killed even further to the point of being reduced to DNA. Slide Secretii has since taken the time off LGB to try to revive Turbo (since Dragonlord got permanently banned) to no avail. She eventually gives up and heads off for the Super Slide (from "Slide Takes a Break"), finally relieving Sam Jay of his temporary job. Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of challengers, Slide starts crying (from "Science is Golden"). The tears made contact with Turbo's DNA, causing it to glow brightly. It glowed more and more until Turbo reappeared first in spirit form and finally into physical form once more.
The Sandchus (First round) All but one were killed off in various ways. Two Sandchus drowned a third Sandchu, marking the first dead Sandchu. Sarina used Shy Guy Squad to defeat the second Sandchu. The third dead Sandchu died of drowning. The fourth Sandchu flied away because he was attached to a kite. The fifth Sandchu died after seeing Dirt Secretii kiss Annonlord. The sixth died from thirst. Dunstan Secretii killed the last one (somewhat by accident) by crushing his spine. Since Dunstan won that episode, she decides to procreate more Sandchus as reward during the next LGB Random Short. Here we go again.
The Sandchus (Second round) After Dunstan procreated nine Sandchus during LGB Random Short 46, they got killed off in LGB 61. The first one got backstabbed by Cameron. Annonlord used a tree branch to stab the second one. The third tried to interrupt Chris's intro, but fell into a bottomless pit for her troubles. The fourth died after seeing SpearSam and Roman Reigns kissing each other. The fifth blew up after Sami Zayn forced her to eat an explosive blueberry pie. The sixth exploded after saying "arena event". Chespin used the attack Up and Away on the seventh. The eigth got stabbed by the last Dirtlord's writing utensil. Chespin shoots a poisonous blow dart into the last Sandchu's neck. None. The deaths are final.
The Dirtlords All but one were killed off in various ways. The first two killed themselves five seconds after finding fidget spinners. The third got blown up by a Sandchu's explosive. The fourth got scorched by Rollins's dragon form. Scotty triumphantly wins a fight by killing the fifth one. The sixth got killed by Chespin's minigun. Chris shoots the seventh one with his gun. The eighth one got killed by the ninth after the former decided to hook up with the last Lilchu. The last one got killed while Baydueye was sleepwalking. None. The deaths are final.
The Lilchus All but one were killed off in various ways. The first one got shoved up a water cooler courtesy of Dean Ambrose. The second one tripped over a rock and fell off a cliff. The third one got blown up by Pikachu's explosive. Chris tried to sound the horn for his intro, but fires his gun and kills the fourth one instead. Dirt killed the fifth one. The sixth got ganged up on by Daisy, Cameron, and a surviving Lilchu. The seventh got hacked by a Sandchu. A Dirtlord triumphantly wins a fight by killing the eighth one. Peach kills the last one by using Gigavolt Havoc. None. The deaths are final.
SpearSam Sam E. Jay claimed that his child is the so-called "justice weapon" (when it really is Arceus). This got him killed by Bowser, James Ellsworth, Karen O'Neil-Ganci, and Scarlett during "Remembering LGB 50". After Evil Sam gained Arceus's forgiveness during the events of "LGB Shall Be Brought to Justice!", Arceus revived SpearSam.
Laurel Secretii Laurel was briefly famous for sparking a debate over who was heard. After the debate was over, Tottie Babs killed her. None. The death is final.
Yanny Secretii Yanny was briefly famous for sparking a debate over who was heard. After the debate was over, Tottie Babs killed her. None. The death is final.
Mrs. Babs She died while giving birth to Tottie Babs. None. The death is final.
Nick Rain He was found lying on the sidewalk by a department store dead. Cause of death was eventually revealed to be sharp force trauma to the chest, despite the fact that traces of an unknown substance were found near the body. Fairiez assumed that he was punched so hard in the chest that he just died. He lives as a ghost now.
Alistar Mortella-Akedogemuski The aftermath of a violent duel between her and her wife Pachinko Secretii left her dead. She lives as a ghost now.


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