Lindsay Shearer is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Lindsay Shearer

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Lindsay is a character that personifies the TV Trope "Dude Looks Like a Lady". His long golden blonde hair, the bow on his wrap shirt, the feminine-sounding name... you get the idea. He comes from a family that shears sheep's wool and sells it for cash. While he does follow the family's expectations, his interests and skills in music drive him to secretly work as a musician in his free time. He was born in Wainwright, Alaska, but he decided to move down south to the Randomverse in hopes of finding a place to stay. Thus, his encounter with a home infested with cockroaches. While trying to clear out his home, one cockroach really liked him, so he befriended it and made it his pet. Even though he is friendly, his temper is very low. This kind of aggressive behavior tends to drive people away, so trying to befriend Lindsay is easier said than done. He even lost a friend because of his anger issues. He considers himself lucky that Carl Henry and Dinah Hayward are still his friends. Then everything changed when Lindsay saw Hans Foster, the same cook that got arrested at his school for inappropriate behavior. That was when he first learned about his mother. With his mother disappeared to who knows where, Lindsay made it his mission to find her before something really bad happens to her. He has the superpower Tape Manipulation, but he can also use Peak Human Beauty because of his description as a serious and gorgeous man. As a result of the "Dude Looks Like a Lady", many people have believed Lindsay is a female, including heterosexual male characters such as Cody and Hans. Lindsay has to keep his true gender a secret from Hans or else risk losing the love... or worse.


  • Carl Henry
  • Dinah Hayward
  • sheep
  • Idon Wanya
  • cockroaches
  • Hans Foster
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