Lee Straume is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Lee Straume is one of Bonnie Faulk's friends. He is the pianist of the group. Lee's big heart and childlike nature made him one of the most liked characters of the Randomverse. The others tend to be annoyed by his lack of courage, risk-taking abilities, sympathy, or observation techniques. Lee prefers not use other people's names in fear of forgetting them, even if that person turns out to be his future sweetheart. Characters can often find Lee in the process of creating his next song, and often don't take him seriously. At times though, he can go beyond the expectation of his peers and demonstrate that he has the ability to solve problems, and likes to be called "Master Pianist" as he does so. He shows himself to be an underdog, and hates to be underestimated by his peers, and does his best to defeat them and prove himself. Unfortunately for Lee, due to his naive nature, he is often fooled by false-friendships and easily manipulated by the Randomverse's villains. The trusting, honest, and loyal parts of his personality do not help matters. Neither is the fact that Lee is shy and has fairly unstable emotions. Lee's mother may have disappeared, but what is known about her is that she married Sylvester Mercer's father, making Lee and Sylvester stepbrothers.

Trivia Edit

BT Productions has confirmed that Lee is 44 years old.

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