Leanne Lakisha Wilcox is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Leanne Lakisha Wilcox

Generic reference.

Bio Edit

Leanne is a clever stage magician that can cast a random superpower through Power Randomization at any time. She has slanted red eyes that are like two rose petals. She has a huge poof of silky, curly, white hair that is worn in a style that reminds you of a peacock's tail. She is very short and has a wasp-waisted build. Her skin is chocolate-brown. She has a low forehead. Her wardrobe is artistic, and is mostly yellow and blue. Leanne functions as the third wheel to Dexter Adrian Benton and Kristopher Herman Dickson's relationship. She knows of Kristopher's true nature and tries to warn Dexter. However, she is really worried for Dexter's safety, as she has a secret crush on him.

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