Latisha Locklear is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Latisha Locklear

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Bio Edit

Latisha is one of Bonnie Faulk's friends. She also befriended Abril Sampson. She is the priest of the group. Notable for being the only "Bonnie friend" to have superpowers, as she possesses Effect Stacking and Elemental Merging. Latisha will be glad to reveal her superpowers to her friends. When it comes to strangers and enemies however, those superpowers remain a secret. She has good intentions, wanting to end suffering. However, she tends to come off as odd, especially since she makes odd noises when she is bored. She is also somewhat vain and egotistical, spamming the word "excellent" and sometimes referring to herself in the third person. Latisha has a lack of logic and self-control, so she tends to come off as annoying, dumb, stubborn, or all three. Despite the negative traits of her, Latisha's pure golden heart is always in the right place. Latisha is confirmed to be bisexual, but she never goes for the true love's kiss out of fear of disturbing already present relationships. Toni Logan killed Latisha's sister and aunt.


  • Bonnie Faulk
  • the word "excellent"
  • peace

Trivia Edit

BT Productions has confirmed that Latisha is 37 years old.

Latisha is the 100th Randomverse character to be added to the Randomverse category, making said category reach triple digits.

Latisha is the only "Bonnie friend" case where Toni targeted two members of her family. The "Toni targets two family members" would repeat with Abril's friend Dean Oaksford, but unlike the Latisha case where both family members died, one family member would survive Toni's attack while the other died.

Latisha never going for the kiss is a nod to her personality being typically romantic and occasionally flirty, but never affectionate.

Latisha is one of several "Springhole Friend Characters" that managed to befriend more than one character. In her case, she befriended Abril and Bonnie.

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