Kitty is a character from Total Drama.
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Bio Edit

Kitty is almost the polar opposite of her sister, Emma. Compared to her competitive and distrustful sister, Kitty prefers to take things slowly and sees opportunities to enjoy herself. She gets along easily with other characters and doesn't see them the way her sister does. In Emma's point of view, Kitty is a burden and easily distracted; however, Kitty proves to her sister that she is anything but worthless, as she completes many challenges in the race and even takes on a stricter role when Emma becomes the one who loses focus. Despite Emma's harsh words, in the beginning, Kitty loves her sister very much and is willing to help her get into law school. Kitty loves to capture her moments she has throughout her life. Kitty carries around her phone, often taking various selfies wherever she goes, and with almost everyone she meets, and even in dire situations. Kitty shows herself to be one of the more easygoing and fun-loving characters, which makes her popular in BT Productions. However, she doesn't find herself in the spotlight as much as Emma. Whereas Emma got a storyline in Looney Games Bloopers where she got paired with Fortune Secretii, Kitty got nothing. She is still willing to compete in BrantSteele despite this.

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