Kinny is an OC created by the creator of this wiki.


A lesbian forest quetzal sporting blizzard blue markings who is the meaner twin sister to Quinney. She would oftenly mock Quinney for her heterosexuality. She would also compete with Amy over who is the better mean twin. Samey is Kinny's crush. She will later compete with a forest quetzal sporting the rarest markings over Samey.


  • Blizzard blue
  • Cooked quetzal
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sesame seed juice
  • Rocky road ice cream
  • Samey


  • Amy
  • Quinney
  • Heterosexuality

Trivia Edit

Kinny was created because the wiki's creator needed OCs who are twins.

When genderbent, Kinny is referred to as "Kinn".

According to Kinny's family tree, she has a paternal uncle.

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