Katias Kanami is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Katias Kanami

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Bio Edit

Katias is one of Luria Spinner's friends. She is the biologist of the group. Personified as an outgoing catgirl. She has saffron eyes, a medium brown complexion, and wavy charcoal gray hair worn loose about the shoulders. Her ears and tail have a short solid coat that matches her hair. She is a little short and a bit pudgy. She likes wearing elegant clothing. She loves watching comedy movies and is really good at telling stories. Geo Kanami decided that she needed to learn about trees. She studied it willingly and became fairly knowledgeable, explaining her pursuit of a career in biology. Few know that she is in love with a punctual dog, taking the cat and dog interactions to the extreme. Like Abortion El-Mofty, Katias loves Pokemon. Her favorite Pokemon would be Latias, since the name is one letter off from her own name.


  • Latias
  • Comedy movies
  • Trees
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