Kari Gay is a character residing in the Randomverse.

Bio Edit

Kari Gay is a silly and awkward catgirl that can come off as cute. She was abandoned by her biological parents over the odd way her toes looked, leaving Katias Kanami to raise her. Through the care of Katias, Kari has met many people considers her friends. On the other side, she is often mocked because of her last name. Her bullies demand she should start dating women, even though she insists she is straight. The chronic illness she suffers makes the bullying worse. She copes with the piling stresses by hunting shiny objects and writing stories. Recently, she started developing a more outgoing side. This made her attend the party and meet Lyubov Noyer and Nobusawa Tashiaki. While she befriended Lyubov, she is also proving the bullies wrong by falling in love with Nobusawa. All that's left to do is make that relationship official. When Kari learns about Vesh January, she is even more eager than before to prove the bullies wrong. Thus, Kari began an affair by making the relationship with Vesh official. Few know that she is a fan of a polarizing young singer. Diagnosed with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a degenerative disease that turns muscle into bone. Her love for shiny objects extends to Pokemon. As such, she works as a full-time Shiny Pokemon hunter. Her best friend is Fatma Sherazi. Kari has gephyrophobia, which gives her a fear of bridges.

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