Karen Ericka Cantu is a character residing in the Randomverse.
Karen (Fairiez)

Fairiez4berriez rendition.

Bio Edit

Karen is a kind and innocent 33 year old woman who has a boyfriend named Lauren Greg Tyler. Despite her ordinary appearance, she has the ability to control arachnids, most notably spiders. She often likes to tease Lauren and her friends by making a spider chase them, and the fact she lives in Australia doesn't help. Luckily she won't make the spider hurt people in any way, since Karen is not aggressive in the slightest. However, Karen is overly attached to Lauren, and she can't even last 20 minutes separated from him without bursting into tears and begging people nearby to call for him. Karen's also very prone to losing confidence whenever she realizes she makes mistakes, so she usually needs quite the amount of comfort for that. When she's with Lauren, she goes from shy and quiet to silly and loud, though she stays kindhearted either way. Karen loves to sleep with Lauren every night in typical clingy girlfriend fashion, but sometimes Karen likes sleeping with her spider pillow, which Lauren isn't a fan of. When Karen sleeps with the spider pillow, Lauren sleeps... a little further away from Karen than usual. Lauren isn't mean to Karen about her interest in spiders. He'll only get strict once... real spiders get involved. Also, Karen is a massive snorer and sleep talker.

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